Adjustable Pink Lazurine Sterling Silver Ring

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Pink Lazurine is a lab-grown pink Quartz. It was originally created for making laser lenses for experiments with cold fusion. Only recently has its value as a gem & spiritual stone been discovered.

Intuitive sources say that Pink Lazurine activates the "Higher Heart" an energy centre about two inches above the physical heart. (Interestingly, this corresponds to a neuronal cluster now viewed as a "second brain.") The Higher Heart is said to be the seat of the Soul, and Pink Lazurine can help one to hear its inner voice.

* Sterling Silver

* Adjustable, yes adjustable for Size 7 and up

* Notice the Dual Setting - Unique on each side

* Slight Antique Finish

* Large Pink Lazurine Stone

* Sturdy, Everday Ring

* One of a Kind Ring

* Shipped Priority Mail

Designed and created in Ireland by a female Award Winning, Dublin Artisan.  Only available in the USA from RM Irish Jewels.  

Setting measures 3/4" in height by 3/4" in width.