Authentic Leather LUCKY CHARM Celtic Symbol Charm Bracelets

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Don't You Just Love These Leather Lucky Charm Bracelets?

* You Pick The Color, We Pick The Lucky Charm

* 4 Different Charms - Shamrock, Tree of Life of one of 2 Types of Trinity Knots

* Every Shipment Is A Suprise!

* 10 Different Colors

* Silver Plated Charms With 2 Silver Plated Beads

* Durable Braided Leather With Adjustable Strap

* Will Fit Any Size Wrist

* A Bracelet For All Ages

Each bracelet measures approximately 10" in length.  Wear them with all your other RM Irish Jewels barcelets for a really fabulous look!

SHAMROCK - Represents the most recognized symbol of the Irish people

Tree of Life - Represents all the branches of your life

Trinity Knot - Stands for many things, Earth, Wind, Fire; Father, Son and Holy Spirity.  Can be used as an "amulet"