Birds of Paradise Stretch Gold Toned Bracelet with Trinity Knot Motif

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Product Description

Beautiful, unique antique gold finish bracelet displayed with birds and 4 Trinity Knot motifs.

* Gorgeous, silver plated, stretch bracelet will start a conversation any time!

* Celtic birds were a symbol of freedom

* Transcendence playing an important role in Celtic legend and mythology

* Spirits of the air, Celtic birds

* Link between humanity and the heavenly forces

* It was believed, upon their return to earth the brought messages of guidance and prophecy

The Trinity Knot has been a traditional Irish symbol for centuries and over the years has come to represent many things. With the coming of Christianity the Trinity Knot came to symbolize never-ending love as there is no beginning and no end to the graceful curves of the Trinity Knot. For the Celts everything came in threes, maid, mother, crone & the three elements earth, fire and water.

More specifically, the three sides of the Trinity Knot symbolize the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit in many of the early Christian manuscripts such as the Book of Kells. This gold toned stretch bracelet captures a uniquely Irish symbol.


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