A True SUCCESS Story & SUCCESS Jewelry

A True SUCCESS Story & SUCCESS Jewelry

Posted by Ronnie McCluskey - Owner/Importer RM Irish Jewels on 21st Nov 2016

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A True SUCCESS Story... I was so moved by this experience that here is my email to the Artisan who created SUCCESS jewelry, Melissa Curry.

Here is the email that I sent to her yesterday, November 20th, 2016

Dear Melissa,

I cannot tell you the emotion that comes with this little bar of strength jewelry.

Today, I was a vendor at a Fashion Show called Faces of Addition created and hosted by Melissa O'Reilly. The show's goal was to raise money to help people afflicted with drug addition. Before I signed up as a vendor, I decided that the keynote speaker, Brenda, who was a recovered drug addict should be presented with a Sterling Silver SUCCESS bracelet from RM Irish Jewels. I did not know Brenda nor had I ever even seen her before yesterday. (Her picture is on this blog)

Brenda shared her story...her mother was an addict and gave her at a young age to her Aunt to raise. After spending 10 years with her Aunt and graduating High School, Brenda went on to college and received her 4 year degree.

Shortly after graduation, Brenda was involved in a horrific car accident. Being prescribed opiates for pain relief, she soon became addicted. She also was dating a man that had the same addiction. At one point, they were both buying and selling opiates.

One day, her friend introduced Brenda to heroin.  Every day thereafter, all Brenda could think about was how and when she would get her next fix. The boyfriend left. Brenda began prostituting herself in very dangerous situations but didn't care as long as the fix was in.

After a long time, Brenda was being evicted from her apartment for not paying her rent.   At that time, she found out she was pregnant. She decided to go to rehab and have the baby. Brenda was clean during this entire time.

During childbirth, in February 2015, she had a very rough delivery. The doctors prescribed her with pain medication and she slipped back to her old ways but in November 2015, Brenda became clean and this is her 1 year anniversary. My friend who was to present the bracelet was so emotional, she just gave Brenda the box after her speech.

When Brenda left the room I followed her. I told her about the gift was to symbolize a "Little bar of Strength" to remind her of her success of being clean. I told her of how you created this product for women to be Bold, be Brave and Be you. She was sobbing and so was I.

I told her if she allowed me to take her picture, I would send it to the artisan who created this fabulous product. She agreed!

Here is Brenda holding the bracelet but hers is on her wrist. What a story!

Ronnie McCluskey

Here is Melissa Curry's email response:

Dearest Ronnie

I am so touched you took the time to write to me and share this wonderful ladies story.

What a héro she is and you too for cheering her on and sharing success with her. Magnificent work Ronnie.

I am deeply moved and have a tear in my eyes too.

What an amazing young women she is to battle on in such difficult circumstances.

May she reach for her lucky star and her own success.

So moved thank you Ronnie

What a great day for you - your amazing.

Ill send what I have tomorrow and the rest after.

Have a lovely evening.- YOUR THE BEST there is.