Meeting New Jewelry Artisans in Ireland - Ruth, Creator of the New Leather Bracelets

Meeting New Jewelry Artisans in Ireland - Ruth, Creator of the New Leather Bracelets

Posted by Ronnie McCluskey on 8th Apr 2015

Prior to my journey this month to Ireland, I began researching new Artisans that I would like to meet to see their products.

I found this lady named Ruth. She had a website address but not much on the website except a few pictures. You could not purchase the bracelets from the website and I was inquisitive about the costs of each item. So, I found an email and wrote to her. I explained my business and what my requirements were when selecting new Artisans.

A few weeks passed and I did not hear from Ruth. I figured with the holidays and all, she may be very busy with family or friends. Right after New Years, Ruth contacted me to apologize for her tardy response. "No worries" I said. It's not like we are doing brain surgery or anything...all is good.

We corresponded a few times and I liked the way Ruth responded to me. I was looking forward to finally meeting her in Dublin and seeing these fabulous creations of hers.

Since Ruth was on such a strict time schedule, we arranged for her to come to our hotel room at 7 p.m. that Friday night of our arrival. In she came with the boxes and bags. Our anticipation was unbelievable!

Once Ruth arrived, of course we started chatting. Tell us about yourself...well, Ruth is quite the interesting woman. She spent 13 years as a Flight Attendant for Aer Lingus travelling all over the world. Every place Ruth went to, she would buy jewelry so she new quality when she saw it.

In addition to being a Flight Attendant at that time, Ruth was a married mother of 2 teenage girls who were in private schools. Ruth and her husband decided to take a vacation to Thailand. While there, they experienced the greatest culture and felt such appreciation for everything because they were not involved in our electronic world there. They could talk to each other, visit with the natives and not worry about Facebook, emails or anything else not even the girls who were staying with Ruth's mom.

While still in Thailand, Ruth and her husband discussed possibly moving there for 1 year and taking their daughters with them. Now, in Ireland they have 5 years of middle school to complete. This includes 1 "transition year" in which they encourage families to move out of the country and try life elsewhere. And thats just what they did!

In Thailand, the girls blossomed. They learned about the beauty of nature and living without the cell phones, internet etc. and gained experiences for a lifetime. They all took life at a slower pace and loved it for the time they were there.

When Ruth returned, she decided that it was time to quit the "rat race" and to start to do something she was passionate quality, and affordable jewelry. She started making her designs and her friends went crazy for them. Her husband decided to make candles. Now, they are expanding and that is why we are so lucky to have these fabulous bracelets in the RM Irish Jewels collection. No one in America has these!

Once our business transaction was completed, I don't know how we got on the subject of birthdays. Ruth said she was born in November. I said, me too! What date? The 10th, Ruth said. Me too! What are the odds of this happening half way across the world? Now that we were all so candid, Ruth told me that thru my emails, she told her husband she couldn't wait to meet me . We felt like old friends even though I am much older than her.

We liked Ruth so much that we actually took a train trip to visit her in a beautiful town outside of Dublin called Dalky. She was so happy to see us that she gave each of us as a present one of her husband's candles. Ruth even gave me the bar of soap I was to purchase.

Ruth is off to Australia with her sister for a month so if you want one of her creations, you better act fast!