Mommy & Me Travel Series - 1 - Cows on the Road in Ireland/Ashford Castle.

Mommy & Me Travel Series - 1 - Cows on the Road in Ireland/Ashford Castle.

11th Dec 2014

Mommy & Me Travel Series - 1 - Cows on the Road in Ireland/Ashford Castle.

My mother, Veronica and I were best friends. We travelled a lot together and had many laughs to say the least. This silly story is about one of our adventures. You need to know a little of the background of the story to get the full laugh out of it.

Back in the 1990’s, canvas travel bags were just coming into style. It was an easier way to travel than with the big hard sided suitcases from that time. We were going to Ireland once again and staying at B&B’s (Bed & Breakfast) for most of the journey with the exception of the last night staying at the 5 start hotel called The Ashford Castle.

Please note, my mother travelled like Liz Taylor with her own bathmat etc., so you can just imagine the weight of the luggage I would be carrying for both of us up the stairs of a B&B if we had those hard sided suitcases!

Veronica devised a system whereby we would categorize our clothing in the canvas bag. Clear plastic bags were placed inside the bag…one for socks, another for underwear etc. The blouses and turtlenecks could be rolled and pants folded neatly on the bottom. We would also have a travel carry on bag for toiletries etc. along with flannel pajama’s with enough room to place new clothes in for the following day.

So, our system would be the canvas bag would remain in the trunk and daily we would select new socks, underwear, a blouse and pants. Sound great, right.

Before we left, I was so happy with Veronica’s system that I told my sister about it. She exclaimed “YOU’LL NOT BE GOING TO THE ASHFORD CASTLE WITH A CANVAS BAG!” So, I thought about that for a second, and knowing she wouldn’t be there lugging the hard sided suitcase around Ireland with Liz Taylor, I decided, to hell with that comment and off we go to Ireland with the canvas bags.

The system worked out perfectly and all the owners of the B&B’s couldn’t believe we arrived carrying in just a canvas bag for the night.

With the almost the entire 2 week trip behind us, we are on our way to celebrate our last night at The Ashford Castle. In the back of our minds we were thinking about that canvas bag comment from my sister.

Off we go on the two lane country roads that were the only way to travel back in the 1990’s in that country. All prior to the huge highway system in Ireland today.

We were making great time until we came across the cows crossing from one farm field to the other. Everything stops on the road when this happens in Ireland. Now, granted, I had been in this situation before but never on my way to the 5 star Ashford Castle.

We waited for about 20 minutes very patiently. All of a sudden, I had had enough and decided to blown my horn. The next thing I knew, the car became covered in COW DUNG!!!!

We were laughing so hard because I literally scared the CRAP out of the cows! Since we couldn’t see out of our eyes because of the laughter, I put the windshield wipers on to get the cow dung off of the windshield. All we could see was the farmer and his wife doubled over in laughter pointing to or car. It was blue but now it was brown!!!

The cows just finished crossing the road so we bid the farmer and his wife a wave and off we were on our way once again to The Ashford Castle.

If you know anything about cow dung, when it dries, it looks like grey cement. Our car was now grey.

Along the way all we kept thinking..if my sister thought we looked like vagrants with canvas bags, what would she think when we arrive with a car covered with cow dung? All we did was laugh the whole way!

Upon arrival at The Ashford Castle, the uniformed greeter opened the door of my car for me. He asked if we had been on a farm? We said no, why? Then we all started laughing our heads off especially seeing this car for the first time since this happened.

A fun, little story about Mommy & Me. I hope you enjoyed it, There are many more to come.