People You Meet in never know where friendships will begin

1st Dec 2014

My latest blog about meeting people in Ireland.  Enjoy!

In October 2013, after running a trip to the West of Ireland, a friend and I decided to stay an extra week and visit a few Artisans from my unique, Irish Jewelry business called RM Irish Jewels.

Arriving in Kilkenny, (77 miles from Dublin), I called my Artisan friend who informed me that our dinner plans were the next evening and not tonight. Since it was around 6 p.m., no dinner plans in sight and too early to eat, what else should we do but walk across the bridge to a pub called Matt the Millers?

As soon as we walked in, live Irish music was being played by a two man group called "Wallop the Cat". I started singing to the song being played before I ordered my pint of Guinness. Next thing, we met a few people from Boston, then the bartender and the craic (good time) was on!

We met the two men in the band, John Kavanagh and Matt Farrell. John played the guitar and Matt played the tin whistle. Boy, these two guys are fantastic musicians.

We decided that we needed to get a good dinner and headed off to a 5 star Italian restaurant across from the Kilkenny Castle. It only had 12 tables but was fantastic. Did we forget to include that we had a bottle of wine with dinner too?

Since it was still early, we decided to go back to Matt the Milers and listen to "Wallop the Cat" once again. When we arrived, the place had gotten very crowded but Allen, the bartender recognized us right away. He started introducing us to all sorts of people! Laughter and drinks, what a great combination!

As the night progressed, I asked John Kavanagh from the band if they had a CD of their music? John immediately went to his bag and gave both of us a CD of "Wallop the Cat". John would not take payment for it. He just wished us luck. Amazing, who does this sort of thing in this day and age?

We all started chatting and John said he was on Face Book...fabulous! So, due to technology, we instantly became FB friends.

When I arrived back home in NY, I continued to play the "Wallop the Cat" CD. It reminded me of the great evening in Ireland at Matt the Miller Pub. My friend arriving home in Florida discovered that she had lost her CD. Since I was friends with John on FB, I asked him to mail me the CD as a replacement for my friend. I provided my address but one again, John would not take payment for the CD. My friend and I were so thankful to John for his generosity and thanked him. Amazing...

A year has passed and I noticed that "Wallop the Cat" had a new CD. After contacting John via FB, I asked to order 2 but only with payment. John just asked for my address again but I would not give him that unless he took the monies due to him.

Next thing, what do you think comes in the mail but 2 brand new CD's from "Wallop the Cat"? I was so thrilled!

But again, no payment would taken, John insisted we just enjoy the music. Since I do not know where John lives, I found the Matt the Miller address, knew his band would be playing there in the future and mailed him a book on "horse country", Saratoga Springs, NY. where I live.

Just the other day, thru FB, I received a heart felt message from John that he was very thankful that I sent him the book and maybe someday, he may visit this beautiful part of New York.

As the "Wallop the Cat" CD was playing, I thought, who ever thought the night we went to Matt the Miller Pub that we would find a great new friend and musician, John Kavanagh? How lucky for us!

Thank you, John Kavanagh!