Red Light/Green Light - 123 Entreprenuership

Posted by Ronnie McCluskey - Owner/Importer RM Irish Jewels on 1st Mar 2016

Everyday when I leave my apartment complex, the first traffic light that I hit is always RED.  The next one to turn onto a major route is usually red too.  A quarter of a mile from that turn is HWY 87 running North and South in Upstate NY. That area is filled with congestion and yes, I usually have another RED light there as well. 

Sometimes, just to get to the town of Saratoga Springs, which is 3 miles away, takes me 1/2 hour depending on these lights.

Recently, on my travels into town, I was running a little late for an aerobics class at 7 a.m. at the YMCA.  I almost thought about not going due to running late and the fabulous traffic lights.

Surprise, Surprise!  That particular morning the 1st traffic light was green. The next one was green again and when I turned onto the normally congested road, it was full speed ahead!

This incident got me thinking about entrepreneurship.  How many times do we hit RED lights in our paths to Success? How many times do those red lights frustrate us?  How many times when we make the turn onto a great road, there are people that are congesting our road ahead?  How do we deal with all of this?

The red lights are always going to be there but it is how you look at them.  Maybe take a minute to STOP and think about where you have come far you have progressed in your role as an Entrepreneur.

When you reach the next red light, how will you handle it?  Red lights are usually 2 minutes.  Give yourself 2 minutes to ponder how to get past this red light.  Do not dwell on things that you cannot change.  Move on.

How do you deal with the people that are congesting your path?  Have they EVER been an Entrepreneur?  My feeling is the answer is No but I bet they have a lot to say about what you are doing is not working.  Everyone thinks that making a large amount of money is the way to only measure SUCCESS.  It is like 1,2,3! MONEY! Do you believe that?  Has your health improved since you started your business?  Has your life improved?

In my 35 year sales career, I made well over 6 figures plus. had a company car and expense account.  Sounds great, right? No! The pressure was killing me.  The demands over the top...things were never good enough...increased goals that were not attainable in my New England territory.  I decided to leave a large company for a small one and a 1 year opportunity.

After 18 months with the new company, the opportunity did not exist, the job position eliminated and I made the decision to go for Entrepreneurship.  I haven't looked back, only forward.  I feel that the money will come but I gained at least 10 years of life.  Can you say that?

Stay on the right path.  Live your dreams.  It takes courage but just like that morning when I was running late, the green lights were all in my path and so they will be in yours.

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