The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

Posted by Ronnie McCluskey on 17th May 2015

So many times in life especially with my jewelry, you hear the term the Circle Of Life. The Circle of Life represents all the twists and turns in one’s life but the circle is never closed because your life has not ended. Theses Circles or “Spirals” as they are some times referred to are older than the Pyramids. They can be seen in New Grange, Ireland but that’s another story.

My Circle of Life story began with a wedding in Chicago about 5 years ago. My friend Rick found the girl of his dreams, Tiffany and we all went out there to their wedding. At that wedding, we met the bride’s sister, Heather, who was living in and around Boston. My two other friend’s, Tevis and Herb (who were also at the wedding). live in the Boston area and new friendships were instantly made with Heather.

Upon my return to Connecticut after the wedding, Tevis and Heather became great friends meeting for dinner and drinks etc. Since my Sales territory at the time was Boston, I, too, was privy to one of these fabulous dinners that took place at Heather’s Country Club.

That winter, Heather and her friend came to my Christmas Party in early December in Connecticut. We had a great time and it was the last Christmas Party I had prior to relocating to Saratoga Springs. So the Circle began.

A few years slipped by and this past October, Heather agreed to host an RM Irish Jewels jewelry party at her home. At that party, I met so many of Heather’s friends and what great people. These new SHAMROCKS loved my jewelry and began purchasing presents for loved ones for the holidays.

Now, Heather had just gotten engaged right before this party so it was quite the celebration. In December, we received a save the date for the big Heather & Andrew wedding that would take place in Nantucket in May. How lucky are we?

Along came the big date for the wedding two weeks ago and off to Nantucket we went. On Nantucket, we met up with our great friend Rick and his beautiful wife, Tiffany…they are married now 5 years!

Off to the wedding and the celebration at Galley Beach. Everyone looked spectacular and the weather was beautiful. Sunny blue skies with the ocean as the background.

As the part progressed, I noticed a lot of the SHAMROCKS were in attendance. They all remembered me and told stories of how they wear their RM Irish Jewels all the time:even one lady who owns a boutique in Boston. She told me her RM Irish Jewels are her “Sexy Earrings!” Another old me how she only removed her RM Irish Jewels today because she had to put on her gold jewelry for the wedding. And lastly, another lady told me that she gave her young nieces the stretch Circle of Life bracelets and they all loved them so much, they insisted on having their picture taken with their RM Irish Jewels!

In this lifetime, you never know when new friendships begin and where they will take you.

Now, tell me this story does not represent the Circle of Life?

The young ladies who were the recipients of the gift of RM Irish Jewels Circle of Life bracelets.

The young ladies who were the recipients of the gift of RM Irish Jewels Circle of Life bracelets.


Heather & Andrew married on Nantucket May 9th, 2015.