What Is Your Personal Definition Of SUCCESS?

What Is Your Personal Definition Of SUCCESS?

Posted by Ronnie McCluskey - Owner/Importer RM Irish Jewels on 26th Oct 2016

What Is Your Definition Of SUCCESS?

When I was in search of Artisans for my new Veronica Hayden Collection, I was introduced to Melissa Curry in Dublin, Ireland in late January 2016. Immediately, I was drawn to her little bar of strength jewelry called SUCCESS. Melissa’s company is called BYOS, which stands for Be Your Own SUCCESS.

My heart lept in my chest…WOW! What a fantastic way for women to empower themselves with this subtle piece of jewelry and SUCCESS engraved on a bar available in Gold, Rose Gold and Sterling Silver in a Necklace or Bracelet.

Unbeknownst to me at the time of my enthusiasm, I never could have realized how this product would have many different meanings for so many people.

To me, SUCCESS meant that I had survived 35 years in Corporate Sales. I made the decision to leave and to live my dream with my company, RM Irish Jewels.

Since I introduced the SUCCESS line of jewelry to America at the end of April 2016, it has been so well received that I decided to write a blog about the different definitions that I have heard from people that have purchased this line of jewelry from RM Irish Jewels.

Definitions of SUCCESS and why they had to have this jewelry:

*Having Great Friends At This Stage In Life** Protection For My Daughter Against Bullies In School* Surviving Lime Disease* A Reward To My Daughter For Being An Honor Student* Sisters Buying SUCCESS Necklaces For Each Other* A Big Birthday Present* Getting to A Ripe Old Age Of 82* Breaking Into The Real Estate World Without Experience* Starting A New Company * It Was Just Calling Me* I Just Need Something To Inspire Me Every Day Now* Surviving A Car Accident* Being A Nurse In ICU wearing It For My Patients to Succeed In Getting Better* A Mother Buying It For Herself & Her Daughter After Reuniting * A Father Buying It For His Daughter To Help Her Succeed In Getting The Job Of Her Dreams * A Present For Graduating College* A Mother Buying It For Her Daughter Who Has Survived Kicking Drugs *Surviving A Bitter Divorce * Surviving A Stroke* Becoming A Mother * After Not Finding The Right Gift In Ireland, A Mother Bought SUCCESS For Herself & Her Daughter * A Reward For A Daughter That Finally Graduated From High School * Young Friends Wanting This For Their Birthdays Because It Meant So Much To Them * Needing A Little Strength Right Now * Having A Piece Of Jewelry That I Do Not Have To Take Off * Finally Meeting The Man Of My Dreams*Finally, A Piece Of Jewelry With Meaning *

What Is Your Definition of SUCCESS? Are You Looking For A Piece Of Jewelry That Is Not All Over America? Don’t You Want Something Different With Meaning That No One Knows You Are Wearing It Except You?

Currently, RM Irish Jewels is the exclusive distributor for this company in in America.

Give the gift of SUCCESS to yourself this Holiday Season to express what SUCCESS means to you or gift it to another…

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