Celtic CHAKRA Pewter Stretch Bracelet

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This fabulous Wales Artisan designs and makes the pewter Celtic beads along with hand making every one of these one of a kind pieces.  

* The human body has 7 CHAKRAS or energy wheels

* Genuine Gemstones 

* Each Gemstone relates to one of the body's power centers

* Combined with the magic of Ancient Celts

* Threaded with Hermatite to give you Courage

* This jewelry will help keep you balanced and energised

* Lead & Nickel Free

Here is what each Body Part and Gemstone Represents:

(Crown) Rock Crystal - AWARENESS, Third Eye (Brow) Amethyst - INSIGHT, (Throat) Sodalite - TRUTH,

(Heart) Aventurine - LOVE, (Solar Plexus- Personality) Citrine - SELF CONFIDENCE, (Sacral-Genitals) Tigers Eye - FAMILY, (Root - Pelvis) Carnelian - SECURITY

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