This fabulous piece has taken me over a year to have made by this award winning Dublin artist. He told me he "doesn't like to make it. It is so intricate"

So, he made me two of them and I had to go to Dublin in January to pick them up! 

Only one lucky woman will be able to have this stunning piece of jewelry because you know I won't ask him to make it again! 

* Designed by Award Winning Dublin Artist who grew up in Dublin

* Very contemporary, High Polished Design

* Sophisticated yet elegant; Can be worn casual; with work attire or dressy.

* Looks wonderful with a suit!

 Measuring almost 1" at its widest width and 1 1/2" in length, this beautiful pendant is adorned on an 18" sterling silver snake chain.

Who will be lucky enough to have one of these pieces in their collection?


About the Artist - I have been working with Declan for 14 years now and his work is truly exceptional.


Dublin artist, Declan Killen designs and make his own collections of contemporary and Celtic jewelry. The jewelry is made in silver, gold and platinum metals using all the traditional methods of craftsmanship and also incorporating modern techniques in the finishing processes. Every piece is individually hand crafted and hallmarked.




Each piece of Declan's jewelry begins with a drawing of the design from which a master pattern is made. The basic shape of the piece is then cast, after which it is meticulously finished by hand thus creating a high quality piece of jewelry. There are four elements that Declan Killen considers when designing and making a new collection of jewellery:




Design · Elegance · Quality · Image


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