Long Strand Necklace with Knot Clusters in Gold & Silver Plate

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Do you like things that catch your eye?  Well, this will be the necklace for you!

The artisan designed this piece to make your eye try to see the symetry in this piece.

* Unique, exquisite design

* Adorned with large and small knot clusters

* Knots featured in a gold plate finish

*10 Clusters are displayed on this necklace 3 Large, 7 Small

As you view it, your eye will see the balance starting at the bottom where the two small knots stand side by side.  Allow your gaze to go up the neckace and see that they balance is there.

This piece can be worn with both a gold or silver shorter necklace or the layered look.


Gold and silver plate necklace measures 36" with a 3" extension for a total of 39" in length.