Lorna Gaffney White - Solas (SUN) Large Sterling Silver Hammered Pendant on Omega Chain

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RM Irish Jewels Is the 1st Company to have Lorna Gaffney White's Jewelry in America 

Introducing The Solas Range Designed by Lorna Gaffney White of Dublin, Ireland.

Solas - Named after the Irish word for light - is inspired by Newgrange, a Stone Monument in the pre-historic Boyne Valley region of Ireland.

* Designed after Newgrange which is known for its light passageway

* This passageway only admits the sun two days per year - Summer & Winter Solstice

* This range uses images of the sun

* Each piece is handcrafted by Lorna Gaffney White

* Each piece is hammered to get this distinct wave look

* Large & Bold is what you want to show to the world

* Very Comfortable wear

* Can be worn for any occassion

* Great for weddings

The Sterling Silver Hammered Solas Pendant measures approximately 2" in diameter.  Adorned on a Sterling Silver Omega Chain that measures 17".

About the Artist - Meet Lorna Gaffney White.  You can see her if you click PRODUCT VIDEOS.

I met Lorna the 3rd week in January of 2016.  Her work was stunning yet simple and beautifully crafted in her Dublin Studio, Ireland.  Lorna explained that she spent 20+ years in the Banking Industry and decided to leave her career to pursue her dream...designing and making jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted by Lorna and since it is so stunning, it must be part of the Veronica Hayden Collection.


The Veronica Hayden Collection - Named after my best friend and mom, Veronica.  She so loved her maiden name, Hayden, that as a tribute and a thank you for all of her support, I named this high quality Jewelry Collection after her.  Veronica has since gone to heaven but would be pleased to offer a unique and quality piece of jewelry to all of you.