Multi Color Button Pendant on Turquoise Wire

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Enjoy this new, fun necklace that will go with everything!  Introducing the Button Studio jewelry which turns everyday ordinary objects into eye-catching creations!

* This piece is designed to appeal to children & adults

* Every pendant is "one of a kind"

*  Each piece is truly unique

* Created from recycled buttons & finished in acrylic

* Colorful in craft and unique design

* Will go with everything

* Perfect for the person who loves to sew

* Easy open clasp twists open and shut

* Each piece is signed by the Button Studio

The pendant measures 1 1/4" in length and 3/4" in width, adorned on an 18" wire.

About the Artist - Meet Jane Walsh, owner and creator of the Button Studio.

Jane graduated from the national College of Art & Design in Dublin and found that after graduation she didn't have the money for supplies to create any of her designs.  She found her grandmothers old button box and thus the Button Studio was found!  Every family has a button box, a little tin of family history and memories.

All pieces are handmade by Jane Walsh in her Button Studio in the middle of Ireland.

Here is Jane Walsh...