These stunningly, handcrafted, pewter with Red Jasper & Hematite earrings were created and designed by an artistan in Wales.

* Each pewter bead was handcrafted in Wales

* Hand cast in solid pewter

* Open heart Celtic knot design symbols of Eternity

* Red Jasper and Hermatite stone adorned on each heart

* Sterling silver ear wires

* Can be worn for any occasion

* Great pair of earrings for work

* Matching necklace and bracelet available on this website

These beautiful, handcrafted earrings adorned with Red Jasper or red quartz was used as a sacred stone  because it was thought to possess magical properties and protect one from evil.  Good for soothing the nerves.  It is also said to bring vital energy,  fresh ideas aid recovery from all ills.

Red Jasper is used here with Hermatite  to give you courage.

Each earring  measures approximately  1.5" inches in length; each heart measures approximately .5" in width.

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