Remembrance Sterling Silver Bracelet W/Double Angel Wings

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Have you ever lost someone that no matter what you do, it always hurts?

Do you want closure on a loss but a celebration at the same time?

Introducing the Remembrance Bracelet...

* Feel the presence of you lost loved one as you wear this beautiful bracelet

* Double Angel Wings

* The Angel Wings represent your lost loved one looking down upon you from heaven

* The other Angel Wing represents the Angel that your lost loved one was on earth protecting everyone

* The hammering represents all the people that your loved one cared for, inspired and touched in their life

* For every bracelet sold, give us the name of a charity, and we will donate $10 for every bracelet sold in their name

* Handcrafted in Ireland by Lorna Gaffney White, Dublin Ieland

* Highest Qualty Sterling Silver

* Hand Engraved

* Unisex design

* Fits every wrist