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Introducing to America!  SUCCESS Jewelry!  No other Company but RM Irish Jewels can make you this offer!

Sterling Silver coated in 18 carat rose gold with an anti-tarnish layer...How Do You Define SUCCESS?  

Introducing to the United States, Melissa Curry, The Irish Born Designer behind this fabulous collection. Her Company, Be Your Own Success Is Part Of Our Exclusive Veronica Hayden Collection by RM Irish Jewels.

See Our Video Together and Melissa's words below as to how she created this Keepsake Necklace & Bracelet...

"Each element of this collection celebrates different aspects of success. Hours were spent finding ways to engrave the subtle letters of S U C C E S S on this bar. It had to be right because it meant so much. In the making I realized that I was trying to define my own template for successful living, one that is represented by the BYOS collection. I broke it down into five thoughts:

SELF-BELIEF – be bold, be brave, be you – you are stronger than you think

OPPORTUNITY – be open, be ready, believe – life is full of possibility

BALANCE – rest, strive, play – learn when to hold on and when to let go

LOVE – be kind, be generous, be love – embrace the world around you

HAPPINESS – feel the joy, wear your smile, follow your bliss – create your own sunshine

The shimmering SUCCESS necklace, was designed to celebrate or encourage the wearer to keep believing and working towards their hopes and dreams.

It’s a brilliantly positive affirmation a precious gift of encouragement to a mother, sister, daughter or friend."

It is designed for be a positive reminder to CHASE YOUR DREAMS....very subtle for your encouragement.

Women Inspiring Women...

The miniature ROSE GOLD bar is 5/8" in length x 1/8" in width, the slinky chain is 1/16" in width and 16" in length, with a a 1" extension for a total of 17".

The delicate success bar and chain is made with ROSE GOLD, all pieces are finished with an anti-tarnish layer and tagged with Melissa's infinity circular disc.

Matching Braclet per the link below

SUCCESS Sterling Silver Bracelet By Melissa Curry of BYOS-PRE ORDER


About The Artisan - Melissa Curry - Be Your Own Success

I met Melissa Curry on my most recent quest to Ireland in search of high end jewelry designers for my Veronica Hayden Collection.

Introduced to Melissa by another connection, I instantly loved her persona, her jewelry and the message it conveyed.  Melissa grew up in Dublin but spent many years in Paris designing jewelry but due to personal reasons returned to her native Dublin, Ireland.  So lucky for me!

LEARN WHY SHE CREATED SUCCESS thru Melissa's BLOG In The Huffington Post

The Veronica Hayden Collection - Named after my best friend and mom, Veronica.  She so loved her maiden name, Hayden, that as a tribute and a thank you for all of her support, I named this high quality Jewelry Collection after her.  Veronica has since gone to heaven but would be pleased to offer a unique and quality piece of jewelry to all of you.

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