2012 saw the 100th anniversary of the launching and the unfortunate sinking of the Titanic on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. It was built in Belfast’s shipyard and for its time was considered the ultimate in luxury.

Fascination with the story of Titanic persists today. This female, award winning. Belfast Celtic, artist represented the ship with a minimalist design with clean simple lines.

* Highly polished piece represents the bow or front of the Titanic Ship

* The artist designed the different layers of the boat on the pendant

* The crystal represents White Star Line -company that owned the Titanic

* So much symbolism and history represented on a necklace

The pendant is set with Cubic Zircon to represent the White Star Line the shipping company sailing the Titanic.


TITANIC Sterling Silver 1/2 & 1/2 Earrings Celebrating 100 Years!

TITANIC Sterling Silver Earrings with Cubic Zircon and Designer Bow Gash

This stunning pendant measures 5/8" on top and at its widest width is 3/4". The pendant is 1 1/8" in length displayed on 18" sterling silver chain.

About the Artist-  I first met the artist, her husband, Patrick and son, Seamus back in October 2013.  Their son is the little boy who played the tin whistle for me at their house that I posted on my Facebook page back then.

Irish designer jewelry by silversmith. Inspired by our Ancient Irish tradition but with a Contemporary take, each piece is individually handmade creating unique and timeless pieces.



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