Veronica Hayden Collection

Introducing the NEW Veronica Hayden Collection.  My mother and best friend was named Veronica.  Her maiden name, that she was so proud of, was Hayden.  To honor my mom, Veronica (who gave the the initial investment for my business years ago), why not name a collection after her and her favorite name?  Thus, the Veronica Hayden Collection was created for the woman who truly appreciates an elegant piece of artisan jewelry.

I have selected 5 different Award Winning female artisans for this collection, Melissa Curry, Martina Hamilton, Una O'Boyle, Miriam Wade and Lorna Gaffney White. Read their stories as you view their collections.

About Veronica Hayden - Veronica was a very positive person filled with so much laughter and good will that she lit up every room she ever walked into in her life.  She always said "no matter how bad you may have it, someone out there has it alot worse. Be thankful for what you have." 

To prove to you what a positive indiviadual Veronica was, on the day that she received the news that she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and would pass in less that 3 weeks time, we all decided that we needed a drink.  I asked Veronica to make a toast and she said "TO LIFE!"  How many people would say that when they just received their death sentence?

We were best friends.  We traveled to Ireland many times together and have so many great stories!  We were truly like sisters. She is with me every minute of my life in my heart and my mind.  

Veronica would be very happy to see this collection in honor of her name.

Enjoy these stunning and elegant jewelry pieces and feel the positive energy of Veronica as you wear them. 

Below please find a picture of My Best Friend, Veronica Hayden McCluskey.



12 of 22 Items
12 of 22 Items